Getting A Pixie Cut !



I got a pixie cut and I can’t thank myself enough for taking this decision.

Here is the back story.

Getting a pixie cut was something I wanted to try for ages. But, it wasn’t until last month since I became CRAZY about this hairstyle. I was obsessed with it and I was always either looking at photos of girls with pixie cut or watching videos on pixie cuts. It was an insane period :/ .

I never really had long hair. It was always – a long layered bob – for as long as I can remember. At a certain point of time I got sick of my hair. I couldn’t do much on it , except a high ponytail and it became really frustrating. I guess that is when I started to embrace the whole idea of getting a pixie cut.

I asked my parents and they were pretty much cool about it. They said if I really wanted it, then I should go for it. So, the whole ‘’Asking for permission’’ part came off really well. But of course, they were worried what I might look like when I ‘’grow out’’ my pixie cut, because I have a curly hair.


I sat for many hours extensively searching Pinterest for the type of Pixie I wanted. I liked about a bazillion pixie hairstyles. I watched almost all of the ‘’Getting a Pixie Haircut ‘’ videos on YouTube. I rummaged through all the Pros and Cons of getting a pixie cut. I was on a Pixie Hangover. .

Then at last I found the pixie I liked and I decided that THE.TIME.HAS.COME.

So, on 29th April 2015 3:00 pm I finally ‘got’ my pixie cut done. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous when my hair was slowly being chopped away to glory. I was very excited to see the end results and I just couldn’t believe the fact that ‘this thing’ was actually becoming a reality !


Now here I am three days later , telling the world proudly that I am now a part of the Pixie Parade.

Whether I am going to grow my pixie out or not is a whole new topic. It has only been a couple of days and so far I am loving this cut and I can’t wait to style it.

I know some may not like my haircut, but then at the end of the day it is my hair and it is me who gets to decide whether it is good or not. I didn’t get this haircut for the society to notice me. I got it cause I wanted it.

To all those girls who are planning to get a pixie haircut done, I suggest you to go for it. You don’t need a particular face type or hair texture to get a pixie done. All you need is confidence and the belief in yourself. JUST.GO.FOR.IT.


Also, I just joined Twitter. So, do follow me if you want to know me more or just stalk in general (*creepy look*) . Oh, and also don’t get annoyed if I keep deleting my tweets, cause I am just getting the hang of this whole twitter thing and the 140 characters diet is really hurting my vowels…

Take Care

From the not so


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

7 thoughts on “Getting A Pixie Cut !

    1. Thanks ! 😀 I understand… Pixie cut might be a drastic change for someone with long hair !!!
      I already had short hair ( which I got sick off ) so it really didn’t hit me much ! 😉

      1. Yes, she has. Though it’s not a pixie, it’s what she likes. 🙂
        Haha, well I’m sure you’ll fly by that phase without even knowing it. 😛 Stay strong. 😉

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