Embarrassing myself Online – Going through my OLD BLOGS!


I like humiliating myself. Publicly.

Today I felt like I need to tell you all more about my old and deserted blogs. I have already mentioned about them before, but I have never really put them in the spotlight.

I am going to link some of my previous blogs in this post. Go check them out, look at what Little Purrfectgirl had to say and HAVE A LAUGH!

Let’s start shall we ?

Miley and Selena Rocks – My first ever blog.


This blog is filled with posts of a 9 year old kid awkwardly fangirling over Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

Selena Sweety.


Okay. I guess I liked Selena Gomez way too much.

Spicy Gossip.


This blog was active for one day.Enough said.

Akki And Katz Ka Mast.


First of all, that title doesn’t make sense. Second of all, I don’t fancy neither of them now.

Deepika Dazzel.


All this blog has is one picture and one video of Deepika Padukone and one sentence which says ‘’Under Construction’’. Hard Work.

Ranbir Kapoor Planet.


Oh for lord’s sake !

Random Journey.


All I did in this blog was ‘’Copy and Paste’’ stuff. This is my last deserted blog ( hopefully. ). In fact after I abandoned this blog the very next day I opened Purrfectgirl ! How original !

Enough self-humiliation for the day.

Everything said and done. I am actually happy that I created those blogs . Because, if it were not for those blogs how would I have known that I enjoy blogging and how would I have created Purrfectgirl. It is really funny to see how I evolved as a writer and also how my likes and dislikes have changed so much.

Do let me know what you thought and maybe you guys could link in your previous blogs in the comments and we all could just casually browse through our histories ( Pun intended. ).

Take Care

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27 thoughts on “Embarrassing myself Online – Going through my OLD BLOGS!

  1. Hahaha! There is nothing like going through those old blogs. I have one from my high school “activist” days. My old blogs are a reminder of how I had no life in high school.

  2. Ahhh, I can almost sense the nostalgia you must have felt. I didn’t feel the need to check out any of your old blogs, though. 😛 I’ll save it for a rainy day, when I need some serious mood lifting. 😀

      1. Haha, I was just reading a few of my posts from one year ago and believe me, they managed to surprise me, too. 😛

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