Music Recommendation : Oh Wonder.


I have been listening to this duo for quite sometime now and I felt I had to share their spectacular music with you all !

Oh Wonder.


They are basically a writing duo (Anthony and Josephine) who have been releasing a new single every month for a year. Their debut album (which is already available on iTunes for pre-ordercomprising all their singles comes out this September. 

Now that I finished giving you all a basic introduction about them , here are a few things I feel about them ( I will try my best to control my fan girl side ). 

Firstly, their music is addicting. The first time I heard their song , I could actually feel it seeping into the deepest part of my heart and cleansing out all my sorrows and tensions. Their music can leave you speechless and slowly drain out your worries. As I said, their music is like a drug. You keep wanting more. (No. I am not exaggerating.)

Anthony and Josephine’s voices blend so well together that … I can’t even find words to describe the feelings I get went I listen to them. Their songs have wonderful meanings behind them and it’s just so much more sensible than many mainstream songs (no offence). The compositions have a certain raw factor to them which makes their songs so much more relatable. 

My favourite song of theirs has to be ‘Technicolor Beat.’ 

Oh Wonder is what emotions are made up of.

Who is your new favourite artist ? Do let me know in the comments down below.

Take care

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