Woven Thoughts #1


My online existence has been oscillating a lot lately. Oh the pain !

Now, this post isn’t going to necessarily give you all the explanation behind my ‘sudden’ disappearance ( cause there really isn’t much to confess. ). I had my exams sucking half of my tangled life and on the other side I have been binge watching American Horror Story and some Animes.

Now, coming back to reality it’s time to get some posts published brethren.

I have a lot of ideas stuffed up inside my brain at the moment and I can’t wait to share them with you all ! But right now I just want to sit back and talk *like my good old posts*

First up, I am going through a reading slump and I really don’t fancy it. It’s not like I don’t have anything nice in my goodreads wish list , but it’s just that I am not able to bring myself up to pick a book and sink in its essence. I just hope I escape from this phase soon , cause my wishlist ain’t gonna stop growing.

School has been pretty much monotonous. But we have quite a few events lined up in the coming few months , so that’s something I am looking forward to !

Remember me sneakily inserting my new addiction in the beginning of the post ? Yeah , well let’s go over there again ! Can we just take a minute and appreciate how good ‘American Horror Story‘ is ? I might probably be like super late in joining this fandom , but damn I have at last found my way in *and there is no going back* ! I am currently watching the 4th instalment of this show and I might or might not be considering to make Jessica Lange the new ‘queen’ of my life! ( Don’t worry Cara Delevingne , you’re still my spirit animal ).


Coming to my next addiction -Toradora! I was actually introduced to the anime world by my friend (who is usually always found going bonkers over her favourite anime character). So, I felt I’ll give it a shot and ‘Toradora’ was the chosen one ! Firstly, the protagonist of this anime is a short girl, and we all know how much I root for films/books/shows to have a short protagonist, mainly because I am able to ‘feel’ the character even more ( ya know what I am saying ). I’ll leave all the googling-about-the-story work to you ( I am lazy y’all ) , but all I can say is there is always an anime out there tailor made just for you to sit, watch, and procrastination!


Moonwalking away from that topic , let’s jump on to my music favourites ( how new and original of me -_- ) ! With all the school pressure suffocating me from all three sides , the fourth side being music was one of those things that helped me survive through the storm ! Here are a few songs that have been ruling my playlist recently (Disclaimer : Some of these songs are old , but damn)

Now that I have bored you all with my random old fancies, it’s time for me to give some quality filled content !

Take care

From the not so-


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