16th Birthday!



A quick little post to thank the ones that make my world!

My birthday is finally here ! First up, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to each and every beautiful soul who made me feel super special today ! It is incredibly overwhelming to see so many people wish good for you and care about you ! This year I was spoilt with too much love and I feel more cheesy than a Burger King’s Cheese burger :’)

The day started of with some really long messages sent in by friends and family. Followed by some serious waterfalls *you know what I am saying?* Then I headed to school and was greeted by so many wonderful souls! All the love is latching on to me so good!

Then I might or might not have been showered with excessive gifts *psst there is going to be a birthday haul towards the end of this post*.

The last one year has really been an exhaustingly good one ! From my personal life to my blogging life – everything has been bonkers! I appeared for my first board examination (which by the way is a huge deal ,here in India *deep sigh*), I learnt so many new things,I collaborated with some incredibly talented people, I discovered some really great artists (yes, that “IS” a big deal), I discovered my passion for scriptwriting and Film Making, and then there was that whole Banega Swachh India thing. Yes, there were many low moments, but at the end of the day they made me ready for a better tomorrow!

Now coming to the exciting part – BIRTHDAY HAUL !
NOTE:This is in no way shared on a public platform to showoff. It is merely done for the sake of remembrance and gratitude.

I’ll start of with the gifts my friends gave me.So here it goes –

I am ABSOLUTELY  in love with all these gifts ! More than that, I am really taken aback by the effort each friend of mine has put into their gift. I don’t view these gifts as what object they hold to be , but I view them as an objectified version of love and kindness they have handed over to me!

Now, moving on to the gift my parents got me !
ANOTHER NOTE (GOD THE AMOUNT OF DELICACY PEOPLE’S SENTIMENTS NEEDS TO BE HANDLED WITH :/ ): Being an only child I tend to get extremely spoilt! Enough said. Let’s begin with it already!

OKAY  OKAAAAY! How adorable is that ? My mom (amma) got me that and I just can’t get over them ! They are like the perfect gift any TFIOS fan could get. It is basically a long chain with a watch dial in it (I suck at explaining things , and hence I leave it to you to make a mental guess of what it looks like based on the picture and my very vague description. “Okay” THANKS.


I have been wanting to own these pair of Vans for a very long time now and my parents had been generous enough to say yes to my *slightly* lavish desires ! (Again, i refrain  to explain the details, due to my poor description skills )

I have been saving this gift for the last, as this is absolutely INSANE! I never expected my parents to gift ‘this’ to me ‘this early’ ! Okay , enough of all the string of introductions and here it is- My Very Own MacBook Air! (Interesting capitalisation there)


So, I hope you all enjoyed this post which holds absolutely no meaning to a stranger. But, if you are a stranger ( or are in no way connected to the above shenanigans ) and chose to read it all the way till here then- ‘Oh you inquisitive pretty soul!’

I am gonna bid adieu now as I really need to digest in all the affections showered on me today! As you read a lot of “can’t believe(s)” happened today and I ain’t really over it all yet ( and I don’t think I ever will be ).

P.S. Apologies for my inactive ghostliness.One word,EXAMS. I am going to be more frequent with my posts from this month. No more excuses.

Take care

From the not so-


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9 thoughts on “16th Birthday!

  1. Whooooa ! I never even knew it was your birthday!! 🙈 Happy Sweet Sixteen darlin ! ❤️ Wish you love, luck and peace this year! Dream big, make mistakes, take chances, trust completely, learn thoroughly and enjoy every bit of the way. (I actually typed that out. Not a quote. I just HAD to say that lol) ..
    Have a great and memorable year M! Also, the MacBook! My heart swells at the sight 💞 Aah.

    P.S. I need an OOTD with those Vans. Like, compulsorily.

    1. HeyLo Sharu !
      Thanks a ton for that lovely wish ! And damn , you are getting so good with words day by day !
      P.S About that OOTD … Will make sure to grant your wish soon 😉

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