Food Obsessions.


“Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country.
Ask What’s For Lunch.” ~ Orson Welles.


It is funny how a little plate of exquisite food can do wonders in your life. I have always been someone who looks forward to dive into the blissful experience of eating delectable meals!

This post is going to take you through all my favorite dishes, snacks, drinks and every thing that defines love in my life! It’ll will be ranging from homemade foods to those delicate looking creamy delights. So just beware of all the palatable things I am going to introduce you to…

DISCLAIMER: I am going to be overloading this post with excessive mouth watering images and it may or may not make you go all bonkers.

THE ILAI SAPPADU (a.k.a Who needs plates when you have banana leaves?):

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We south Indians always try our level best to see how much of variety can we showcase on a piece of banana leaf! We range it from salty side dishes to the tasty desserts that leave you craving for more. My personal favorites from these assortments of happiness are –

  1. Javvarisi Payasam:
    This is what heaven tastes like. I am not sure what they call these in international level, rice pudding maybe? But, honestly this is definitely one of those things I wait for when a banana leaf is laid in front me.
  2. Murungakkal Sambar:
    I am pretty sure the literal translation of this dish is Drumstick Broth. You have no idea about how much pleasure I get guzzling the juice which comes out of the drumstick.
  3. Rava Kesari:
    To be frank, I love all the Kesari varieties. Guilty pleasures indeed.
  4. Appalam:
    This is also referred to as Papadum. It is basically a crisp disk shaped side dish. You know you are doing the right thing with your life when you hear the symphony of all the cracking that takes place in your mouth when you take a bite out of this beauty.

The next few dishes aren’t necessarily a part of The Great South Indian Banana Leaf cuisine, but they still fall under the monopoly of Tamilians !

5. Kolukattai:
So, you cannot ( I repeat, CANNOT) find a house that doesn’t serve a delicious plate of Kolukattai (Dumplings) during the auspicious time of Vinayaka Chathurthi. There are both sweet and spicy versions of this dish and I am one of those people who gobble up both of them back-to-back.
6.Thengai Chutney:
This a basic side dish that almost every mother/father in south India resorts to when they are running out of ideas. Although I called this a basic dish, I always love myself a hot plate of Dosa and Thengai Chutney.

Now, although I am not done showcasing all my favorite south Indian dishes, I have to round it up here as I need to take you on the next part of my lip smacking food list.

 THE WESTERN MAN’S DELIGHT (a.k.a The reason behind my fitness.)

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  1. Pizza:
    How surprising. Who doesn’t love pizza man ?! I am quite a basic person when it comes to pizza and always prefer a double cheese margherita.
  2. Mac & Cheese:
    A few weeks back I went to this amazing place called e=Macaroni & Cheese Square, and brought their Classic Mac Junior. I have to say that, I have never had anything more heavenly in my life.
  3. Cream Doughnuts-
    A perfect partner when watching movies ! There hasn’t been a single movie I have watched in theatres without eating one of them. In fact, I have a little ritual of waiting till the protagonist comes on screen to take a bite out of this little beauty.
  4. Chilli Cheese Toast:
    I am hungry now. Great. -_-

Now the other precious little things I absolutely love are – PaperBoat drinks (Aamras to be particular), Murukku Sandwich, Pani Puri, anything that has chocolate associated with it, Popcorns, and of course a scrumptious Paneer wrap !

Well, I can’t believe I made an entire post about food. :/ Almost 700 words.. Not bad eh?

Take care

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5 thoughts on “Food Obsessions.

  1. This post is not good for my diet. Gaah! Jokes aside, I’m telugu but I do love Tamil food and the way they prepare their vegetable dishes. And of course, Drumstick Sambhar is a comfort food on any damn day! 🙂 Also, coconut chutney with Idly/Dosa. And, some Kesari on the side. Aahh. Okay I’ll stop now.

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