Survival Of Humanity.


What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly — that is the first law of nature.


The world has taken a rather disturbing turn. It isn’t the first time
humanity and religious intolerance is being brought into the question. But there is a saturation point to all this claptrap and I think we as society have crossed it at a ridiculous rate.

My agitation is not just about the injustice that has taken away so many lives, but it is also about all the balderdash that has been targeting a religion as a whole. 

Every community has their share of ignorant extremists and judging the community as a whole based on those overbearing souls is absolutely pathetic. Are we really going to wear insensitivity as our only view on this global issue?

How much does it take for us to live in peace? Is positive revolution really that hard to bring about?

If we have the power to take away so many lives, imagine the power that lies within us which can save lives. It is high time we all bring out that side of mankind. Losing hope in humanity is the last thing we should adopt at this crucial period. Every hope and stand at this point counts. So, if you are really thinking about letting go of this hope because of a section of society that has decided to paint this world black, then don’t. Our hope should be much more stronger than the enmity that has left people quenching for harmony.

It is so damn disturbing to think about the probability of innocent people becoming a bait for world intolerance. It is even more sinking to think about the fact that symbolic representations are almost the only stand few people are taking.

If you are just chilling on your couch, thinking that a “common man” can’t do anything, just remind yourself it is the very same “common man” who has brought the world to where it is today.

I am growing tired of all this eyewash. Each one of us is responsible for the rotten period we are going through, and we really need to sweep up all this dirt. Don’t just stand and watch the world rust. Don’t let the boundaries and oceans that separate us be the ground for brotherhood. We are more than all these barriers that has fenced us.

Humanity needs to survive against detestation.


Take care

From the not so-


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