Chennai Floods.




Never have I ever thought that I would live to see a day where my dearest city will get engulfed by the monstrous water.

Chennai is going through one of the worst nature calamities that has ever taken place in India. People have lost their shelter, food and peace to a ridiculously terrifying flood. The city has also now been labelled as a disaster zone!

Who in their right mind would have thought a city like Chennai, which is known for its blazing heat, will experience such a disastrous situation? Chennaiites are now longing for the sun to grace them with one of his big glaring smiles.

The communication system has been absolutely pathetic. There is no electricity in most of the places and it directly affected the network connections. Milk seems to have hit an alarming price of Rs 250 per packet! Petrol bunks are swarming with people waiting to buy diesel. Clean water has become a luxury in most households. Transportation has been a havoc.Chennai has never been under such a wrath before.

Although the government did take the necessary actions, it is the common citizens who amaze me the most. I am taken aback by the number of volunteering souls who have held the city together. Despite the gloomy weather, the spirit of Chennai is fueling hope in everyone.

And of course, all the celebrities who used their mass fan following to help the city have truly gained a lot of respect from my side. A big shout out to Actor Siddharth, RJ Balaji, Singer Chinmayi, Actress and Politician Kushbu, Actress Shruthi Hassan, Actor Dhanush, and Archana Kalpathi (and all the others) for their efforts. A special mention to Telugu Actor Allu Arjun who donated 25 lakhs to the Chennai Flood relief.

The situation continues to be unpleasant. The rain still doesn’t show any hint of subsiding. It aches to see people hankering for food and shelter. But we have not lost our hopes yet. The city continues to put on a strong fight against this tragic weather.

I agree, the national media was rather very ignorant towards the Chennai Floods. It took all our voices for them to finally pay attention to us. But, right now I think it is time for us to concentrate on getting everyone safe and sound. Filling in space with noises of the north-south divide at the moment shouldn’t be our priority.

It will definitely take a while to bring back Chennai to normalcy. The loss has been rather big and destructive. It is going to take a lot of helping hands to revive the city. But, I believe in my city and in my people. We are much stronger than any tides of our times. I know we can rise against this catastrophe. Until then, my prayers are with my city. I would also like to encourage anyone out there who would like to support the city. Every help counts.

So, please do keep us in your prayers. The city needs every push it can get to reach a brighter and safer tomorrow. 

Take care

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