Regret it, Forget it or Learn from it? 



Life is just a series of choices you make. Some may lead to scented gardens and some may lead to rusted corners.

But does regret open the key to the next door?

I have learned it the hard way. When you sit and contemplate about all the choices you have ever made and burn a hole in your heart, cursing yourself for the all the bad decisions, you are just wasting your precious life. I used to be one of those people who can sit for hours together and sulk about life being unfair *hangs head in shame*. But now, I feel revived. I feel my choices offer me life lessons. My choices will set me a clearer path for a wiser tomorrow.

Regretting and holding on to your broken past will not get you anywhere. How long do you think binding yourself to a shattered piece of glass will fetch you comfort? No, masochism isn’t the answer. *gives you the death stare*

Does this mean you need to forget your past?

No, forgetting your past is in no way going to help you pace forth. Why forget, when you can learn from it? Also, trying to forget your past is only going to increase the pain of the “moving-on phase”. Removing such parts of your memory, will only increase the probability of you committing the same mistake again in the future. Instead, keep them. You don’t have to keep unlocking those memories. But, visit them when life puts you through a similar situation. Not only will you know which road to choose this time around, but also feel thankful that your past has after all turned out to be helpful!

It is going to be very hard when you see your choices destructing your life. They shatter the best kind of emotions. But trust me, it’s only momentary. In fact, every happiness this moment shatters is going to construct itself into a road to a new kind of happiness in the future.

I learnt from my choices, and I want the same for you. My words are just mere alphabets put together to make some meaning. But your actions after reading these strings of words will make you realize what I am talking about.

c85505656ab08b098a433396e5dd2388.jpgYou may consider yourself a regular, living a life as bland as milk. But the adjective regular has a horizon of meaning in each one of our lives. Chaotic as it may seem, life has a lot to offer and take. Don’t fret it. Learn from it.

These are just my opinions on the obstacles life throws at us. I am just laying down my thoughts for you to seek and think about. You may have a completely different perspective about this topic than I do. You may even find everything I just said completely absurd and nonsensical. But that very difference is life. These perspectives and choices are crucial blocks of our character. The roads you have taken may or may not coincide with mine, but that doesn’t mean one of us chose the wrong path. We are leading a life, which without our knowledge has a lot to teach. And once we realize what a great teacher life is, damn the journey is going to be an adrenaline filled adventure!

I am going to pause my flow of consciousness for now… *children screaming yay*

Do let me have the privilege to see the world through your perspective by using the comments sections!


Take care

From the not so-


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12 thoughts on “Regret it, Forget it or Learn from it? 

  1. It’s so difficult to not make the same mistake twice. Or thrice. :-/
    I just hope life sets itself straight. But then again, that’s not going to happen unless I change.
    Great post. I hope to take something home from this.

    1. HeyLo Sheth!
      Glad to see you in the comments section once again !
      Your words reminded me of the Jim Rohn quote, “For things to change,you have to change.”! I hope your life turns out to be as wonderful as you are 🙂
      Once again, thanks for the encouraging comment!

      1. Glad to be back here! 🙂 I can’t say I’m the most dedicated reader, but I always love reading what you have to share.
        The quote’s spot on. And thanks so much for the kind words. 🙂

    1. Hope is a beautiful thing and I am happy you chose to keep it ! We all make cringe worthy choices, but what we all don’t make is the decision to move forward. The world needs more optimists like you 🙂
      Thanks for the comment BunKaryudo !

  2. Hey!Nice post.Could relate to my life.I haven’t forgotten my past.The shattered glass piece has actually pierced me so hard.To revive from it is a tough task.Iam trying my best.Glad that you have found yourself some time to concentrate on your blog.Stay awesome.Bye

    1. HeyLo!
      You know, sometimes the tougher the revival gets, the stronger the heart becomes. Don’t worry, you will get enlivened at some point in your life and it is going to make all the scars worthy!
      Take care and thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Hi purrfect girl,
    Have gone through most of your posts. Absolutely loved it. Especially this one. Hope to get this going in my life.
    And you kinda inspired me for starting a blog. So thanks a tonne fore that. Waiting for more from you

    1. HeyLo Adhi!
      Thanks for that super lovely comment! My heart flutters when my readers enjoy my work ^.^
      And I am super happy for you and your new blog! Have a lovely journey 🙂 Will surely drop by.
      Hoping to see more of you in the comments section!

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