There are a few things out there which hinder society’s existence. Right now, we are going to have a little talk about one such problem.

Girl on girl hate.

Why is it even a thing? Like, why?

It contradicts the entire idea of women empowerment. Instead of celebrating each other, we are breaking down the steps to empowerment, with hatred *and narcissism*.

We have all been subjected to receiving derogatory terms about our size, shape, color, height, sexual preferences and every other aspect of our choices. No matter how strong headed we are, these remarks prove to be painful. Then why? Why do we continue doing the same thing to the next girl? Why do we spread the hate?

We as women must be aware of how girl on girl hate is dragging us into a huge pit of destruction.

We are so stuck up gossiping about the other girl, that we often forget her life has nothing to do with ours. *That’s right. Her choice of living isn’t going to wreck your mansion. Woah*

‘Hate’ is such a strong word. I want you to sit down and think about the woman you have so inconsiderately thrown this hatred on. Apply the reverse logic. How would you feel if someone treated you the way you treated her? Has hating over her made you feel any better?

Jealousy is another emotion that has to be thrown out of the horizon. It narrows our point of view about an individual so much, that we start to view them as a metaphor of everything we despise. *Oh damn! She is a walking vegemite*

You know what we should be doing instead of wasting our time trying to bring that-girl-over-there down? Applaud, admire and aspire.

Women power is stronger than you think. It is high time we drop our hatred towards each other and start working towards a brighter tomorrow for our society. Appreciate a woman for who she is. Neither you nor I have the rights to alter her personality or her choices. Judging her isn’t going to elevate you to the throne. Why not appreciate her for her success? Why not applaud her for her individuality?

Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman, one of the most prominent YouTubers out there, has started a new women empowerment movement #GirlLove. It aims to spread love amongst the female community and eradicate girl on girl hate. Find out more about this inspiring initiative, by viewing the video below!

Don’t wait till 2016 to bring about this positive change. Start now.

Here is to all the strong women out there! May the love between us grow like never before.

#GirlLove – We’re in this together. 

Take care

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3 thoughts on “#GirlLove

  1. I think she’s doing a great job! 🙂 There’s a blogger Ramsha who started vlogging recently – even she took up something similar in her latest video.

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