Woven Thoughts #3

I have become rather groggy, letting my emotions drain out to scripts.


Welcome to the most narcissistic series on this blog!

It’s that time of the year, where memories made overlap each other, fighting to bring about nostalgia. Maybe not. Sometimes, you just need to stop drowning in your past success and failures to help yourself build a new surface for the future.

This will be the last woven thoughts for the year, so I’ll try to wrap it up as neatly as possible. Pretty wrapper? Yes, with patches here and there.

A lot of happy moments have been painted on my wall this year. I have gained a better perspective on life, which has in turn given me a neo-personality. I have started vocalizing my thoughts more. I have been undeterred by hate *thank you critics*. I got a pixie cut *yay*. I attended a leadership summit, which proved to be an eye opener. And as the record has it, I apparently got awarded as an ’emerging leader’ :/ . Shocking? Yes. What’s more shocking is that the award was handed over to me by his excellency – the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Dr K. Rosaiah and IPS Sylendra Babu.

A rather very compulsive personality has made an unexpected entry into my life this year ^.^  HeyLo there, My favorite person 😉

The scars left are rather too permanent. But I don’t mind them gracing my soul. A sign of the survivor in me *Well, okay. That was a little far-fetched*.

Purrfectgirl has changed along with me. I mean, only for so long can you pretend to be a crazy, humorous teen. I am liking this change. Do you like the change? Or do my posts seem too trippy? *a genuine question*

I have changed up the theme to suit my personality. The Who Am I? page too has a new set of words embracing it. So, that’s something I recommend for you to check out *shameless promo*

Expanding our vision to the world around me, same-sex marriage legalisation in The States was a welcoming act *although late*. But, we aren’t done yet. It is important to make the world a better place to live “for everyone” where sexuality (or race or creed or religion) shouldn’t be fencing one’s freedom.

I have already expressed my distaste about the disasters that are being nailed by us. So, I don’t want to go in there again *for this post has already gotten too long*.

Before I end this post, I am gonna share my favourite jams of the year! 15 songs from 2015 that helped me drain out the voices in my head.

I hope 2016 brings in more experiences that will help us evolve as individuals. The year should bring grounds to more positive social changes. And hopefully, humanity gets a shower of brotherhood.

Take care

From the not so-


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