The King.

The Queen looked at The King
with the kind of hope, that could bring the devil to his knees,
as he stood at the door to his new beginning
where her name would ring of past.
the string that brought them together
has shown them their last knot,
the kingdom that they created
will soon turn into vacuumed memory,
the time that they spent
will be sealed in gold.
with the rising sun gleaming on his face,
The Queen had never seen such a beautiful sight
beautiful he was, in every sense-
the way he ran his hands through his hair
the way his smile shamed the bleeding heart
the way his voice played with the notes of harmony
the way he flickered existence of tranquility in chaos
everything about The King echoed her falling star wishes
he was the answer to her cry for magic.
she felt The King’s gaze set upon her,
this might be the last glance they ever will share
though promises of visits were made
the hereafter seemed precarious.
as the angel of destiny looked upon them
as the land beneath them continues to be heedless to the real
as the scent of white lotus filled the air
as the golden dove danced in melancholy
The Queen felt the string between them tighten.
the sun sealed the red velvet above them
hinting The King’s exit from this life.
they searched for a thousand words to express,
but the silence couldn’t say it better
and that was it,
that was how they left it to be
drowned by each other’s inner voices.
The Queen could only hope to freeze time
but even one extra tug at luck would break everything they had.
so as she stood letting go of a part of her life
she could feel the tides of a far away night engulf her
and soon H e r  K i n g was on the other side of the line
on a stride to be born again.
she felt herself staring at her bygone
only to be interrupted by the lights of the future,
this is where the roads forked
and will only meet when the eyes rest
she took her bag, heavy with tears and kisses shared
as she stepped into the eerie…


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