It doesn’t matter which side the sun rises,
or what color the sky is painted.
the day is going to repeat itself,
making me older and less wise.
but, it truly doesn’t matter.
every emotion has collapsed into a singularity,
a singularity of nothingness.
I’ve lost what it takes to be a human,
what it takes to have emotions.
life as you view it, seems complex.
but when you overlook the deadlines, the birthdays, the parties,the relationships, the duties, the taxes
it is meaningless and spreads into a dark abyss of figment.
this isn’t a documentation of a pessimist or a realist.
I’m none of those things, for I’ve outgrown these petty labels.
people show their sympathy towards my state of being,
worrying I’m neglecting the gift of birth.
but, their gift turns out to be my eternal cave
that which I never asked for.
ungrateful as I may seem, this is what I’ve become
remorse oh! what for?
accepting me or rejecting me holds no importance to my soul.
my memories are nothing but a misty course of events leading to my fall.

With these endless hours ahead of me,
waiting to be seized.
I seize the indifference of it all.


the side-effect of reading The Outsider by Albert Camus.


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