Temporary People.


I’ve been MIA for a while now.

I would be lying if I link this to a deeply depressing writer’s block. Ideas have been rooting in my imagination just as good as any other time.


I wanted to talk about Temporary People. Why do we get close to these people even when we know that they are only a foreground to temporary happiness? Why do we like adding up more and more people to our life, even if it means walking away from old relationships?

They often say that you meet a lot of Temporary People between the age 16-22. But in my opinion bracketing the entries and exits of people in our life to a certain age is a very loose way to frame this topic.

Rather than terming it as “Temporary People”, I view it as (in the vastest sense) “People are Temporary”. There are no claims of the permanence of any entity around us. Which makes me question the hold we have over life. We are constantly challenged with new faces and new situations. The only thing that differentiates us from person to person is our reaction to life.

We meet different kinds of people every day. Some turn out to stand by our side and some remain strangers to our life. But the complexity of life is thrown in when we think about how, The ones who stand by our side now, were once strangers and will most likely go back to being strangers. And the strangers on the other side of the road will most probably find themselves standing beside us one day. 

Which brings us to another area of this topic. On what basis do we term people as strangers? The word stranger as described in a dictionary means ‘a person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar.’, and yet we only ever associate this word with the vast population that we see on the roads, or at the clubs, or at the theatre, or at school. But have you ever thought about how even your closest friend sitting next to you at school is truly a stranger when calculated deeply enough?

There is no “we have gone back to being strangers” phase. We are all strangers to each other from the day we are born to the day we are dead. As strangers, we sometimes like to get close with other strangers and shed a little bit of our time and life into theirs and walk away.

Yet even with all these realizations embedded in our hearts, we still break down into pieces when someone (who was always meant to leave) leaves us. Why is it that certain people stamp a drastic importance to our life, and still disappear?

So, I went around and asked to some of my friends their take on this topic, and the answers I received were more than enough to justify the fact that we are all strangers to another person’s reality and understanding of life. Few gave me an exuberant response while a few kept it verbally simple. Let’s look at their opinions shall we?

Hmm I think everybody influences us in one way or another and I feel that people who come into our lives even for a very short time tend to teach us something at least, even though we might not notice it they influence us and sometimes teach us the ever minute details of life which we might not have known if they hadn’t stepped in
For example, if you’re a really serious person and very disciplined and don’t take a break from everyday life.. If you meet a very easygoing person they might not influence you to be easygoing but they might make it easier for you to have fun at times and let your hair loose and take a break from life once in a while so it’s for the better for you and maybe you might teach them to be a bit more serious in their lives and maybe even they benefited from you who knows?:)Temporary people may just be as important as permanent people.

I feel people are as temporary as one makes them. But sometimes people leave..maybe because they have to or because they want to.Their absence affects us, shapes us, and influences our behaviour.Isn’t life full of temporary people? Its sad but true. We meet amazing  people with beautiful minds but sadly there comes a day when the connections are broken.
I guess we meet them because such is life! Pain changes a person and what’s more painful than the ‘temporary’ nature of a person
 But at the end, I still believe that…People are as temporary as one makes them

~Neha Gupta

First of all, I want to say no one is a so-called FOREVER FRIEND.  I don’t believe in that!  We meet a lot of temporary people from the age 16-22 everyone knows that. It will hurt so much but this is how we learn in our life and make ourself stronger and dependent!  I’ve been hurt, alone, depressed but this is what makes you a stronger person!  We can’t always believe or expect a person always to be with us!
So I just don’t expect anything from people. And if so they are gonna leave or hurt I’m ready to face such things!

I think every person we meet is a part of our story.

Every person is a little significant to us. They may teach us a lesson, show us the real world, make us realize the type of people around us.
~Deepti Prakash

Well…People are meant to pass our life’s, you know..
 It hurts when they leave.. But it’s just life .
~Carolene Siga

It’s all fate.
~Shraddha Khanted

IDK how to put this in words. To be simple they’re >insert beep<

One thing that I could pin down from all these responses is that the effect Temporary people leave on us vary from scar to scar. But maybe it is the “Temporary” characteristic of people that draws us to them. The feeling of the adrenaline rush by guarding something that we will loose excites us.

People are the metaphor of life’s instability. Just like life, people come with no guarantees or warranties.

So, will this stop me (or you) from expecting things from people or prioritizing people? Oh well!

I would like to keep this post alive for as long as I can. Do comment down below, let me know your take on this. This discussion could go on forever!

Take care

From the not so-


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4 thoughts on “Temporary People.

  1. I really love this post. People, relationships, and even ourselves are only temporary but for some reason we get so caught up in altercations with others.

    When these people become “strangers” again we still have a longing to bring them back into our lives because the feeling is comfortable.

    1. Happy you liked this post! And yes, I couldn’t agree more. Isn’t it funny how much we yearn for the lost/gone? If only we could put that energy into moving on to a new life. (Again, easier said than done)

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