PSYCHO// film reel #1


We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven’t you?

No combination of words can scream the love I have for this movie.

Alfred Hitchcock is a man of riddle. Everything this man does is beyond perfect. Psycho is the first Hitchcock movie I had seen (I went on a Hitchcock Marathon after that). I still am blown away by the techniques used by the director. This movie has laid so much potential for future artists to work with. Trust me, this movie might be in black and white, but the gradient of emotions and characters it showcases is mind blowing.

If that introduction doesn’t push you enough to see this movie, fret not. I have more :3

So, the one thing that stands out the most for me is the way this film was promoted by Hitchcock. Damn, even these days you don’t see many film makers go about putting so much effort into the marketing aspects of their film. If there was one thing Hitchcock was more skilled at than making films which made you feel every hair on your body, it was at promoting and selling his films, like a magician on fire!

Let us look at the trailer. Despite being six minutes long, the trailer attracts the viewer so much because of the way it was shot. You might think, a long trailer like this one is bound to reveal the plot, that is where you are wrong. The trailer merely showcases any scenes from the film. The trailer has Hitchcock giving a tour of the main location of the film where the plot unfolds. The way this man builds up the tempo with a simple tour is what I call ART.

This trailer for me, is classic. Never have I seen another one like this, nor will any other movie manage to make a trailer of such simplicity yet intriguing.


Another thing that I wanted to talk about is the way the camera and character transitions go hand in hand. You will understand this if you managed to track the camera angles keenly.

Once you are done watching the film, do go and check out its Trivia section in IMDb. I couldn’t believe the extent Hitchcock crossed, making sure the plot was kept a secret from the public who hadn’t watched it yet. Example? He freaking withheld the final part of the script from the cast during the filming. 

Talking about the actors.

Anthony Perkins is any director’s dream. His body language as Norman Bates stole my heart. Janet Leigh’s effortless acting, showing casing every humanely possible emotion in a span of 4 minutes, is such a bliss to the eye.

This film doesn’t overwhelm you with characters. It keeps the cast minimal and presents you with clean (eh. bloody) frames.

The soundtrack still rings in my ears. Well, why wouldn’t it? After all, Bernard Herrmann had his salary doubled after Hitchcock fell in love with his score!

Maybe, I love this movie a bit too much. Maybe. ๐Ÿ˜›

Go watch this masterpiece if you haven’t already. And if you are one of those bloody good souls who has watched it, comment down below and we could grab a pillow and discuss about how good this movie is!


Take care

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