voice 1: anxiety.

Don’t your dare take that step,
you’ll fall again.
Don’t you dare feel better,
I’m going to break you down again.

I like whispering into your soul,
the dark place
where you hide yourself.
it’s nasty, so are you.

I’ll be here, singing about
Everything that’ll go wrong
Everything that you weren’t built for.
and sipping your sweat and tears once in a while.

It’s okay. You were born to feel doubt and sadness.
you were born to feel me,
creeping down your spine
dew and dreary.

I am you.
I am your anxiety.

Written as a part of the A to Z challenge, details about which can be read here.

This is the first installment to the theme I revealed here.

Anxiety has eaten me raw, and there is little I can do to help it. Comment down below your experience and views about this daunting condition. 

Take care

From the not so-




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20 thoughts on “voice 1: anxiety.

  1. Anxiety! How I hate that feeling. Those moments of anxiety are the worst and I’m someone who feels anxious about every little thing!
    I really loved your poem 🙂 All the best for the challenge 🙂

  2. I hate anxiety and i hate feeling anxious with little things. But it has also taught me to not get riled up easily! Great start to A to Z

  3. Now being a Mother, I get anxious sometimes at my Toddler’s tantrums. How much I try not to but I fail quite a few times a week.

  4. It’s no secret anxiety sucks!
    Just like you said it eats me up too!
    But need to learn how to kick it a$$!

  5. What a powerful description of Anxiety… It does feel like that… Like it’s going to drown you … Well written.

  6. I’ve fought with anxiety so often! For all the times I’ve managed to wrestle it to the ground, anxiety has come back stronger sometimes, sometimes weaker, but it just refuses to give up the fight. And so we both fight it out, over and over again.

  7. Ugh..I hate that feeling! The self doubting, the loathing, the constant putting yourself down, the not being good enough emotion..these feelings run so rampant in our minds that its difficult to separate ourselves from them. But, we are all in one way or another God’s creation.. perfect in one way or another!

    Its good to give these feelings an out. Thanks for sharing.

    Aspirations – Book Review by us.

    Readers of the Night

    1. Yes. The episodes of anxiety in life has to be the worse time to go through. But once we learn to embrace of flaws and talents, anxiety can catch the bus to Himalayas! Thank you so much for dropping by!

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