voice 6: fatigue.

I am born
in the exhausted breathe.
I am born
in the fragile heart.

The strong,
remorse my arrival.
The weak,
indifferent to my existence.

I am the warmth after the sweat.
I am the hated during the run.

A misfit,
who cannot be ignored.
A feeling,
which cannot be fancied.

I am the one in the crowd,
I am fatigue.

 Written as a part of the A to Z challenge, details about which can be read here.

This is the first installment to the theme I revealed here.

Fatigue makes me feel defeated. What about you? Let’s talk about the time, fatigue got the better of us and we had to retire from a situation today!

P.S Sorry for the late post. I just came back from an amazing day-out with my tribe (which left me feeling fatigued :P). 

Take care

From the not so-



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A glass of whiskey for your perspective?!

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