voice 7 : greediness.

A little bit more,
more to yourself.
I whisper this,
day and night into your ears.

As green as I can get,
run away from the content.
As nasty as I can get,
run away from the reality.

Need over want,
is heaven.
Lust over love
is life.

Forget the four walls,
drool for the fifth.
Forget the blue sky,
drool for the galaxy.

Keep wanting.
Keep whining.
I am greediness.

Written as a part of the A to Z challenge, details about which can be read here.

This is the first installment to the theme I revealed here.

Oh, how I hate greediness. It makes me feel dirty and incompetent towards life. What about you? Was there any situation in your life that made you question your needs over your wants?

Take care

From the not so-



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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

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A glass of whiskey for your perspective?!

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