voice 11: kindness.

Heard of binding forces?
That’s me.
Heard of restoring humanity?
That’s me.

Referred as,
the epitome of selflessness.
Treated as,
the only greatest attribute.

If you have me,
you have it all.
Find the sun in your life,
igniting others.

Who am I to the world?
The whole world.
Who am I to you?
The whole purpose.

I am kindness,
pleased to meet you.

Written as a part of the A to Z challenge, details about which can be read here.

This is the installment to the theme I revealed here.

Kindness is the dire need of the moment. These days being kind is confined within the four walls of facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat. What about the real world?

Take care

From the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

10 thoughts on “voice 11: kindness.

  1. Loved the truth in last lines. We show kindness only over the social media channels these days. And some also don’t even take care of that too.

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