voice 24: xenophobia.

In the name of patriotism,
my birth is given.
I’m nourished,
fed with hate and bigotry.

Stop holding processions against me,
you’ll still end up voting for me.
How can I forget the outsiders?
The ones who dirt my land.

My face cringes at these peasants,
who think the flowers they sow, is theirs to keep.
My face twitches at these foreigners,
who think the air they inhale, is theirs to exhale.

I dress like a gentleman,
with orange hair and tie to match.
I speak like a scapegoat,
who has arrogance and ass for dinner.

My beauty lies inside my riches,
My name lies inside a black house,

Written as a part of the A to Z challenge, details about, which can be read here.

This is the installment to the theme I revealed here.

Dashing through the wall,
in a one ass open ‘copter,
over the minorities I go,
being a prick all the way!

Vaguely sounds like a horrendous person we all know. Does it? I don’t know… *throws laptop and runs away*

Take care

From the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

6 thoughts on “voice 24: xenophobia.

  1. We are living in a troubled time and can only hope the good of the many will outweigh the poisonous nature of the few who are in power. This is a turning point, and we must all rise up and do what is right, not only for ourselves but for future generations.

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