every fold in our skin.

i looked in the mirror today,
at the reflection of a girl staring at me.
my eyes sketch her naked body,
making her tuck in her flaws.

her face looked dead to me,
ever since they saw what i’m looking at now.
i don’t blame them,
the scene is quite tragic.

i tried touching her face, she did too,
with only the glass separating us, we aren’t much different.
may be, she judged me too,
my imperfections mentally scarring her.

we both threw on a black t-shirt,
and jumped into a black pant.
black covers us, hides,
every fold in our skin.

we pulled up a high pigtail,
cringed at our greasy hair.
she loves her lipgloss, makes her feel human,
i hate them, but if she wants it, i do too.

one last look at her,
i knew she was going to hear it today too, opinions.
i smiled at her, though,
i’m the only one who can give her that.

Body-shaming. We humans should be ashamed of ourselves that this is even a thing. You weren’t born to judge others, why is that so hard to understand? Every person under the sun is responsible for this disgusting act. There is no perfect body type, there is no perfect face, there are no specific beauty standards. You and I, both evolved from monkeys, we share a forefather. Before you point at someone’s scars, deal with yours and make your life exciting. Do not ruin someone else’s right to live in this world. Everyone here are equals, money and beauty don’t make you any different from the next person. We are all here to live. Do not interfere in another person’s life and leave your roof unattended. Cause eventually, your roof will collapse too. 

Take care

From the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

4 thoughts on “every fold in our skin.

  1. And then in the coffee house, she noticed this gentleman sort of quietly glancing her way, though she had no idea that the black cotton that graced her womanhood kept him imagining just how enticing and elegant her look was today … he placed his cup in the bin and went about his day with a new smile.

    1. This is the most beautiful comment I’ve ever received. Your words brought in so much optimism. I’m still not over this comment. You gave this poem the perfect ending, that I couldn’t offer it. Thank you so much! ❤️

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