you don’t need that.


Too much of anything is harmful.

Last night I was going through my memory box, and I realized how much of a hoarder I am. I had tangible things reminding me of not just good but also bad memories. Amidst all that is, a pen that doesn’t even belong to me.

This is the same case with my personal life, I cast in way too many people. I try to keep in touch with people who mean so little to my life. The ones who had left me crying, yeah, I still talk to them. Just for the sake of it. There are people in my life, that just don’t belong. The Pen Effect (let’s make that a thing).

At a certain point, I need a reality checker, we all do, to tell me you don’t need that. There is no point holding on to toxic people, the ones who make you hate life. You cannot let someone control your life that way. This stage is a one man show in each one’s perspective. Let them have theirs, and you have yours.

There is a saturation point to everything in life, everything, clothes, money, validations, and even relationships. Keep moving and keep filtering out people that are hindrance to your life (at times you may be the hurdle in theirs. Get your shit out of there).

This is a (very small) self realization post. Just felt I had to put it in words for my future self. But hey! If it helped you, do leave a comment and we could rant more!


Take care

From the not so-



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