note to girls like me.

this is a note to girls like me.
this is a note to girls.
so that friend you had left you,
and that job you had is now a joke,
also you find it hard to walk in heels.
i understand,
the hurricane ate me too.

from a drunk night,
that is bound to happen soon,
you will get your problems untangled,
right before the noon.
the tires in your belly,
they look better than you think.
the bones that peep through your shoulder,
kiss them my love,

maybe you want to go to the gym,
and make a change, do it.
maybe you want to contour your face,
and make a pout, do it.
change for none,
but yourself.
see yourself changing into you.
shorts or sweats,
you look damn fine.

that girl in your neighbourhood?
throw her some compliments,
watch her smile, and content yourself.
that boy you like?
tell him,
don’t beg.
the right ones will come your way.

keep running towards the life you want.
keep hunting for the treasure,
in you.
the world is tough,
but you’ve seen worse.
don’t wait for happiness,
it’s right in front of you.

this is not poetry.
this is love.
love to girls like me,
love to girls.

Take care

From the not so-


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