we weren’t meant for each other.

here is a poem about those who broke hearts,
and not those with broken hearts.
cause sometimes,
we become the person we wouldn’t die for.
we become the person we are.

i pray for the hearts i broke.

i pray for the promises that i couldn’t keep.
cause sorry is too short a word to reach forgiveness,
i meant no harm to your skin and mind,
i simply wanted “us” to become “you” and “me”,
with the people we deserve in between.
this is not about how we choke each other
and survive together until 80,
but letting go and watching each other live.
the problem isn’t with anybody.
it is with our failed our search of love,
in the name of which we eat each other in and out.
I am as sure of this end
as i am of that mole on your back,
and the other million little definitions about you.
thank you, for letting me be a part,
but that part in me has died.
to put it in a simple sound,
“we weren’t meant for each other.”
but you and me we are meant for much better.


Take care

From the not so-


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