What Will Happen If Vijay Enters Politics?

Is it the most important topic for us to be talking about now? No.
But will it be a topic of concern for the future of our state? A big fat yes.
Let’s dig a little deeper into a question that’s been burning in all of our minds

Before making any sort of assumption, which is the basis of this question, I would like to put forth the fact that I am not an ardent supporter of the actor in the topic – Vijay, neither am I a fan of any one of his rivals making this video with conceited intentions.

Moving on to the question,

Vijay’s latest politically driven movie might have seen an increase in the google search of  49-P. But will the actor be able to provide the same sort of governance?

To understand the results Vijay’s entry into politics might bring, we need to dig deeper into the past which led to this very scenario.

Winding our clocks to 1987 is where our answers begin to unfold, when Vijay’s dad S.A.Chandrasekhar directed a film by the name, Neethiku Thandanai written by Kalaignar Karunanidhi.

The film dealt with concepts that accused the loopholes in our constitution and government officials. Sounds pretty familiar. Dr.MGR who was the President of the ruling party, AIADMK came out with a warning directed to the team to not make such politically driven films.

Fast forward to 2010, all is well between Vijay’s family and the DMK leaders. It was a known fact that Vijay’s social support was more inclined towards DMK. But, that’s when Sura happened. The movie faced flak from its producer Sun Pictures (a production company coming under the umbrella of Sun Network) for its title – Sura, The Leader. Although, the entire controversy might seem immature in many aspects. This very moment happened to lay the political road that Vijay consciously or unconsciously has been taking for the past 8 years.

The following year, 2011 during the state elections Vijay made it quite clear to his fans that his support leaned towards AIADMK. AIADMK eventually did win the elections that year, and furthermore went on to support Vijay in all his new projects. Be it during the controversial release of Kavalan or Thuppakki. But, more trouble came knocking at Vijay’s door during 2013. History repeated itself and once again Vijay’s movie was put on hold by the ruling party, AIADMK because of its title Thalaivaa – Time to Lead. Although the reason for delaying the film’s release has been cited to its controversial dialogues and the fact that the satellite rights were sold to Sun Tv, it was quite clear that all was not well between Vijay and the then chief minister Jayalalithaa. S.A.Chandrasekhar’s snubs at Jayalalithaa after this controversy added more fuel to the fire.

Between 2014 – 17 Vijay managed to stay in the middle ground, even trying to soothe his cold war with Jayalalithaa, which did end in vain. Oh and I almost forgot about the 2014 release Kaththi, which triggered members of DMK as it bluntly pointed out the 2G scam and the arrival of MNCs in India.

2017, Vijay come out with another debatable film, Mersal which was yet condemned by BJP. This time for calling out the ruling government’s decision on GST, Government Hospital Policies, and ridiculing Digital India. The movie made it to the headlines of several tabloids and news channels, giving it the publicity that even the marketing team of the movie couldn’t provide.

Coming to the present, on the Diwali of this year, we had Vijay’s 62nd movie releasing – Sarkar. The movie invited a lot of legal issues even before its release, pertaining to the plagiarism of script. But bigger issues were waiting for it upon the release of the film. The movie addresses the corruption rate in our state and defames the ones in power. It promotes the idea of a new Tamil Nadu, of a new system, of a new leader. The film is no doubt is a sketch of Vijay’s political ideologies and serves as a groundwork for him to venture as a politician. This hint was indirectly dropped by the horse’s own mouth during the audio launch of Sarkar.

Recently, we have all come across how the ruling party succeeded in bringing down scenes which exploited with the integrity and deeds of the ruling government. Which also lead to an uproar of voices among not just Vijay fans but also the public.

With all these issues to his credits, one cannot help but wonder the effects that will follow when Vijay enters the political ground. If he does decide to take this step, it will definitely cause a ripple in the current state of our government given to the fact that he has been in the bad books of all the major parties.

At this point, when stars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan have already laid out their political agendas and doctrines, it’ll be interesting to see if Vijay seeks ally in the already existing parties like DMK, AIADMK, or join forces with Rajinikanth or Kamal in their respective parties, or if he will take the risk to stand alone as the president of an all-new party.

Celebrities entering politics in Tamil Nadu is not much of a shocker, but in the past two years, it is no doubt that we are being suffocated with a lot of actors portraying themselves to be the next generation leaders. Given to the fact that most people in our state come under the category of cinema-goers, the chances of movies impacting our decision when it comes to voting is high.

The Politics of Adulation as stated by Robert Hardgrave can be related to the present scenario of Tamil Nadu – “Film stars are not necessarily associated with a particular group of the population.” Which explains a lot about why celebrities entering politics is largely entertained by the people and leads to their success. Personality Politics is a term used to refer to the idea of how political life and parties revolve around the personalities and not the actual ideas.

So when Vijay does enter politics, it is important for us to see him as another potential candidate who may bring the change Tamil Nadu needs but not as GL CEO, Sundar who talks about economics through tomatoes, or 5rs doctor Maaran, or as the communist Jeevanandham or as Vishwa Bhai who seeks justice for the helpless and downtrodden.

Vijay’s credibility needs to start from scratch. He has a lot to answer himself, be it his stint as Coke’s brand ambassador or the freebies he gave out under his social welfare organization, Vijay Makkal Iyakkam back in 2009. If he believes in his ideologies strong enough, he might as well stand for a constituency as an MLA or an MP and prove that he has the leadership that requires to guide 234 constituencies.

Everybody desires power, and Vijay is no different. There is nothing wrong with it. But, we need to make sure we learn from the mistakes we have made in the past. Let us not be blinded by characters portrayed by these actors in their films and punch dialogues that oh so easily roll off our tongues. We’ve already done that several times during out state elections and we are as much as responsible for the crisis we face now as much as our government.

Start making yourself aware of who is going to represent you, start making yourself aware of the agendas of each candidate, research their past experiences, see if they are qualified and competent enough to trust them with an entire state.

Democracy is no joke, and to make it into a theatrical play consisting of your favorite actors and politicians is the equivalent of mass suicide.


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