Who am I?



Welcome to the page where you can learn a thing or a two about my blog and me! *like this place isn’t already filled with my musings*


This is the corner of the internet that I have decided to call home. Purrfectgirl is an unfiltered documentation of my 3 AM thoughts and rants. A verbal painting that I started on the 16th of October 2013. I write so I can silence the voices in my head. I write so I can learn a little bit more about myself. I write so I can quench my love for words. I write so I can connect with similar yet completely different souls *psst, you are one of them*


This place isn’t just about me. It’s about us. It’s about learning the dynamics of perspectives and opinions. It’s about learning to accept the next person as they are *unless they are an axe murderer, in that case RUN*. Come join me and help me paint this beautiful journey that I have taken up.

I have been called Madhu for the past 18 years of my life. It’s your name, they say. Your first birthday gift, they say. But for the past 2 years I have been known to the little army of people who read my blog as- Purrfectgirl. *My user name, being another one of my 3AM mistakes*. I am a 5’0 feet (I am 4’10 , but 5’0 ft sounds better *and taller* so let’s stick with that). My personality? – ‘It’s complicated’ *the only way I can relate to that status* 

I come from the southern part of India, to be more specific –Chennai, to zoom in a little more into the map –My room, where the wifi connection is splendid *You should come over sometime, we could scroll through our Twitter timeline together. Sounds exciting*. But of course, I come out of my habitat once in a while, to let my thoughts drown in the chaos of the urban neighbourhood *but mostly it’s just to see if the wifi is ON*

I enjoy music, books, movies, long drives and cracking ‘That’s what she said’ jokes. My blog posts are just extended versions of the ABOUT ME page, so you can feel free to browse through my stuffs to know more about me *self-promotion yo!*

I am a girl who enjoys the very thought of life. I love living *No,I don’t mean converting oxygen into carbon dioxide*. I work towards living a life that leaves the world breathless. Through this blog, I articulate this work in progress once in a while *commitment issues*.

So, these are the basics I am going to put in this particular page. But this blog is a reflection of what I feel and thus I find no use in filling up this page with tiring facts about me *like my strange fetish for heights or that I am a part time human O.o*.

I know what you are thinking….
I am not   v  a  i  n. Just   s  e  l  f  –  a  w  a  r  e. 


Go on and comment down below and tell me about yourself! How did you find my (our) blog? Do you like it or nah? What made you go ‘Nah’ for the previous question? Does my painting have a flaw in it? *gasp*

The comments section is all yours, my majesty!
find me on social media @ipurrfectgirl

Take care

From the not so-


51 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. HeyLo!

    Do you have an email address I can contact you thru to discuss about a possible collaboration? It’ll be quite long and I don’t really wish to spam your comments section 🙂

    Let me know!


    1. HeyLo,

      Yeah I do have an E-mail Address, although you might find the id name weird! 😉 if I am not wrong you can actually view my email address in the dashboard section>My blog>comments section, just find a comment I made on your blog.. With that comment you can view my email address 🙂
      If you can’t find it, please let me know, cause I can view your email address, so maybe I’ll send you a mail!!
      P.S my school is starting so I will only be able to view your email on weekends.. 🙂


  2. hi,purrfect girl!!! actually i found you out by your date of birth.i know a stupid thing to find out with but what to do there are many purrfect girls in google.your disney princess story and your birthday gave away your identity.Who do you think would know soo much about you?Guess?????????

      1. do you count on the years we have known each other?anyways congrats for those awards you got.i’ll try to make a account and follow your blog :: )) simply adore your blog

      1. Hehe! If I had the superpower to make a sword shoot out of your device’s screen, I would. I surely would! Come on yaar! Think… Think… Think…. Get under a “little fan” and think…

  3. I honestly love the graphic designs – or whatever you call them – on your blog! I don’t even know how you manage to make them – they look like a lot of work. But, yeah. Just wanted to say that I admire and appreciate your work. It’s the small things that make all the difference. 🙂 Happy blogging!

    1. HeyLo,
      This comment made my day 🙂 ! I am really REALLY happy you enjoy my work. At the end of the day, I really want to give my readers a good experience and make them comfortable when they come to my blog !
      Thank you for this lovely comment ! I am grinning so much now 😀

      1. Aw, I always wanted to say so but never really got around to it till today. I’m glad I did, though. 😀

      2. The new about page and the lack of pink makes me feel like you’re growing up. 😛
        So clichéd, I know. But, can’t help thinking so. What makes you opt for the sudden change? Not that I’ve ever been consistent with my blog theme, but yours had this purrfect identity to it. 🙂 All the same, this one’s no less, so don’t mind me. 😉

      3. Haha! I totally understand how you must have felt as a reader to see this sudden change. The truth is, I no longer can relate to the old theme. It screamed a personality that was long dead :/ I really needed an update, cause Purrfectgirl represented me, and my old theme just didn’t let me be my true self in here…And that’s how the new Purrfectgirl was born 😉 I hope you like this new journey I will be taking you all on!
        P.S there is more to come 😀

      4. We all have those times when we feel like, this isn’t me. I haven’t found the perfect blog theme for myself either, so I enjoy changing it often. 😛 This seems more sophisticated and that’s a welcome change, as well. 🙂 Looking forward to reading from the “new you.” 😉
        Happy Blogging!

  4. For the amazing stuff you’ve written above, u’ve earned a new follower 🙂 for someone who has been around 7 years.. like wow! until the ‘purrrfectgirl’ was born 🙂 glad to get connected 🙂

  5. hey Lo Madhu! It’s me Taqi your old classmate 🙂 Your work is SIMPLY AMAZING DUDE!! Which really dropped my jaws to find out about this! So creative YOU ARE!! Keep on ROCKING! Take care and Don’t forget your old classmate XD

  6. hallooooo:D
    let me tell you i’m in love with your theme 😀 supercool *cheers*
    also i love the way you express your emotions in a very purffect way 😀
    glad to be a part of the corner of the world we can all call home 😀

    1. HeyLo Ayushi,
      First of all, I’m sorry for the extremely late reply.
      This is such a sweet comment! I’m really glad you liked it here in my blog! Hoping to see you drop by often!
      Take care!

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